Monday, December 21, 2015

Asking Too Much, Giving Too Little

There's a common belief within engineering and professional community that working in manufacturing sector brings not much in to your account while taking too much out of you at work.  I have seen many of the job postings with lists of qualification and responsibilities and at time one might think: Who the hell has all these certificates and qualifications!? Apparently there are people who hold these positions and also not to forget that there are so many dickheads in all these stupid so-called EPC, or whatever the fuck their names is, companies.
With that in mind and also knowing that the economy is doing very badly and that's basically because there's not much in Canada(!) to work with, I have to grasp whatever is available before being forced, automatically, to apply for any job such as Superstore's and similar(!) and run out of money! For that reason I agreed to go to this interview session, to this brand new building somewhere in the outskirts of the city to discuss this manufacturing position lower than what was originally posted and I had applied for!
So I'm there, half an hour early and don't know what to do! I pass the place, park somewhere and sit in the car and do a little snow cleaning on the roof, bumpers and even inside! Then I go there almost 8 min. before the meeting time. There I'm greeted by this lady that I had talked to on the phone and after a few minutes was directed to the interview room when an Oriental woman was waiting for us! I was not very surprised but not very pleased either but I have to say that it didn't go very badly. These days every Tom, Dick and Harry has a stupid profile in this stupid website called Linkedin and I was able to find this Oriental person there but what I did not realized at the time was that she was female, not that it would have made a difference but it's all good to have as much information as possible before going to an interview. She was asking too many questions and I had to make up stories for a few of them. I would say probably more than half of my answers were made up right on the spot! I'm not how convincing they were but I know there are not many individuals who have this talent! I know there are many individuals who can tell lies from truth, though! Overall I don't know what result I will get but I tried my best. Eventually after 1 hour the HR woman almost stopped the Oriental one! It's a pity that after all of these years of working now I have to sit in an interview with an Oriental woman who has difficulty speaking English and her all experience in world is limited to a few years she has spent in this company but I have no many options open to me.
If I get this job, I will stick to it tightly because I need to have a change in my life at this stage.

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