Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Chance Got Bigger

I went to the CAF office to write the examination which had been booked for me. I was the only one who wrote an examination of any kind today, not that it was significant or anything. It was stressed several times that I would not be allowed to disclose the test materials so of course I am not but I was a little bit shocked as how the exam had been arranged. 
The exam was computer based, similar to probably all CAF exams today. Compare to 9 years ago when I had my first application out, CAF has advanced technologically which is good. There was only one subject on the test which became tougher to answer as the test progressed from its first level to the last. The whole session took about hour and half and I was a little nervous and at the end I was not very hopeful. That was due the problem that appeared to me as soon as I sat myself down and started the test! We had a couple of good vegetable pizzas from a local Pizza 73 yesterday and it was tasty in a manner that we gobbled all slices but two in less than 15 minutes probably!
If The Lady had not have to save to slices for her today's lunch, we would have eaten the other two up! Then we had a little exercise in the apartment gymnasium and for dinner we barely had anything as we were completely full! 
On the way to the CAF office I got a medium cup of coffee from a McDonald's and finished it before reaching my destination. Coffee, I don't know whether it has the same effect on every one else or not, has always been a helper to me to go to washroom shortly after I drink it! So when I sat at the desk and set the headphone, the pressure started! I tried to focus on the exam and answer the damn questions as soon as possible because it is a timed test. I succeeded but I guess I ran out of time and left a couple unanswered! When the exam was finished I was asked to wait in the main area. I took a short trip to the washroom but that only helped to get rid of the liquids! 
Then I was called back to the office section and say shortly with a Captain. He was a gentleman in his mid. to late 50's, may be a little older who congratulate me on passing the exam! I was happy and then he explained to me how I would proceed to the next levels which would be medical examination and interview. He added that hiring was closed for this year and everything, and he counted the available positions, would be available in March and indicated that I would most likely not hear anything from CAF until then. " You have the same chance as the others " he added which was a encouraging but that is the truth. I left then and headed home. As I was getting closer and closer the pressure was escalating! As soon as I stepped in, I rushed to the restroom! 
So there is still a chance and I have passed another obstacle but two main ones are left, if they contact me. In fact the main one would be the interview because I'm sure I'd have no medical issue.
(Photo: This seems to be the logo of the Royal Canadian Navy. Ready, Affirmative, Ready!)

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