Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Workplace Stories (22): Ass kissers and Retards

I'm not brilliant but I give this right to myself to say that there were lots of ass-kissers and retards in the previous job of mine that they were there simply because they had supporters from the country of their origin or they were excellent ass-kissers while being at the same time, retards! People who barely spoke English or knew the basics of engineering or manufacturing! People who whatever they did was simply routine that the learnt in the company! 
I met my Newlywed the other day and he named few of them whom have also been laid off! That was a big surprise to me:

1) There was this piece of shit, liar from somewhere in South America who worked for the company for over 7 years. He was simply there because his wife, I heard, was from the same country as the manager's and he also had studied in the country. This guy did not have the slightest clue of his surrounding and was a laughing stuck! Everyone was making fun of him and talked behind his back saying who stupid he was. I had a bad argument with him once as I was sick of his bullshit.

2) Then there was this fat-fuck, ugly, whore who probably was over 350 lb. and had nothing to do but talking on her phone while doing some stupid administrative stuff. This stupid moron was acting like she was a beauty queen living in a 8 bedroom mansion but once told me that they owed 3 years worth of income tax! You can imagine what kind of people these are! This one sounded almost impossible to me because first of all she was from the same country as the top management, secondly she was a woman and she was away for more than 1.5 years for maternity leave and had no difficulty returning! But seems no one is immune. Her husband used to worked there and I heard once that he either was forced to leave or let go.

3) Then there was another fat-fuck, whose his pants was always hanging of off his hips! With a big belly, shaved head and glasses he looked mostly like one of those security guards that you see at times in malls. I never spoke to him but he always wanted to show that he was a big weight! He was a big lump of fat and he was overweight. He didn't have to prove that! He flirted a lot with a Caucasian girl in his department and I don't know if it got him anywhere but I heard he even left the city after he lost his job!

The above three were among the other three, including me that I know have been let go. Many who has recently lost their job, have left the city, maybe even the province. I'm here and I don't know how long I can survive but we'll see.
(Photo: These cards are excellent! They have for almost topic. I should send this one to a few of these motherfucker ass kissers who remained in the company!)

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