Friday, December 25, 2015

A White Christmas

After all those miserable weeks of mild weather, finally a cold week and few mm of snow was seen in the city and around! I haven't left the city for more than a month of so mainly because of this shit situation of unemployment but the snow and ice shall be good for the people who enjoy that by skiing, snow-boarding and probably outdoor skating and hockey. We haven't even been out to skating for a while now! Nevertheless a white Christmas is always better than a brown one, no doubt. The temperature today was around -17 °C, a true Canadian temperature for winter. The Lady had this plan to go down to the US, to see a few family members so we headed to the airport last night. The roads were slippery and congested by traffic. When we reached there by a few minutes of delay and I dropped her, I went and parked nearby to see if she needs something so I can go immediately.
After almost half an hour I called her and realized that the bastards of Air Canada had not let her board!
Apparently the new rules requires the passengers to be in the airport way earlier than before. She was very upset and frustrated but nothing could be done but re-booking another flight for today morning and paying more! We went back home and had a disappointing dinner(!) as nothing had been prepared and slept. In the morning again I drove her to the airport and she, this time, was able to board.
Not a good shot but a nice Christmas lighting with Downtown Calgary in the back. Calgary Tower stands at right but I can't name the towers from this far. 
She said that she had been asked were she was going and apparently now the passengers to the US have to indicate the address of the place they are going to, whether it is a hotel, a family member's or a friend's, something that the Japanese have been doing for years! I realized that once I was planning to go there. Although it has not happened yet but I gathered good information and I'm hoping that I'm able to do that one day before I'm too old!
These new rules for travelling to the US, which is good, apparently is because of the recent terrorist attacks by originally motherfucker Pakistanis. I don't know how it would affect someone's travel similar to me, I mean a lone male with a non-Caucasian look and a backpack, because that's how I normally travel but despite the delay, when I called her and she didn't answer, I checked the airport's website and realized that she had flown but in a few minutes the telephone rang and there she was. The plane was still on the runway! Apparently there was a problem due to the weather or something else. I finally felt relief when she called form the south of the border. I assume there was a total of 1 hour delay or so. 
(Photo: A giant Christmas tree is erected in front of Sunridge Mall. I took it on the way back from the airport. There were barely anybody around and the temperature was around -16 °C, not considering the windchill. Luckily a local 7-11 store was open and I got a coffee before reaching home. All other stores were closed)

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