Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Ride of Boxing Day

I was supposed to join The Chef today to enjoy a turkey that normally he receives at the end of each year for New Year but a bastard fucking piece of shit cheapskate Pakistani coworker of his, apparently has taken the turkey for himself! I mean seriously am I being rude here or Pakistanis are probably the nastiest creatures in the entire universe?! So the program was canceled and probably will be held tomorrow. The fucking bastard told The Chef today that he had purchased a turkey instead and would give it to him tomorrow! 
Nevertheless I called The Hope to see whether or not he's back from his trip. He is. We decided to meet in Crowfoot Shopping area where there are a few cafes. I wanted to surprise him so I got on my bicycle and left around 16:50. The temperature was around -11º C at the time, of course without considering windchill. If we added that it would go down to -18º C or something. I took Bow River Pathway and headed west. It was not bad but it got dark and because of too much snow I got tired. I had gone to the building gymnasium earlier today so I was a bit tired of that. I checked Google Map before leaving and took notes but when I reached John Hextall Bridge instead of turning to 52nd St. I kept going. Shortly after that I realized that it had not been a good decision but I found a sign directing to Bowness Park. My destination was Nosehill Dr. because I knew it would take me directly to the shopping area and I knew it was close to the park so I decided to go there and make a decision. Luckily the skating rink and its fire pits were available so the first think I did was I warmed myself up and saved my finger toes! 
I asked one fella the way to the shopping area but he suggested to go to Market Mall and go from there! I called The Hope to see whether he would come over there or not but he said that he had not changed his storage insurance to regular insurance after he came back and it would be risky, I checked with another fella who was there with his son or maybe grandson for skating and he was great. He took out his phone and found the route for me via Google Map
I then took 85 St. and from there got myself to Nosehill Dr. This part was the toughest because I had to walk the bicycle! It was going up a hill, apparently Nosehill which starts from the banks of Bow River and ends at Crowchild Tr.! From there everything felt easy and we met in his favorite coffee chain! 
On the way back I realized that I did not have much energy left to pedal all the way home and it was late. I rode the bicycle and took LRT from Crowfoot station to Sunnyside and pedal the short distance to home. This route apparently is only 17 Km but beat the hell of me but was not a bad exercise. I wish I just had started earlier. 
(Photo: When I got back home I was tired and no appetite! Not hungry at all. So what I did was just ate the Papaya that The Lady had bought a few days ago and a handful of peanuts. In the coffee shop I had only a small Americano which by my surprise was very good. Maybe that what I should order when we go to this coffee chain but it's expensive. Just two damn hot drink, and I'm not being a cheapskate cost $6.72!)

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