Saturday, December 05, 2015

Pre-Christmas in NE Calgary

This weekend I went to The Chef's place in NE as he needed me to help him again. I rode his bicycle all the white to Whitehorn Station and from there got on the train to Westwinds and again rode the bike. He wanted to go to a clinic for his injury and I drove him. It was waste of time as he was told that he should have seen the physician who did the surgery on his injured knee. 
Then he had some banking to do and I took him to two different banks. NE Calgary as most of the people know is a community of refugees and foreign workers. The majority of the population of the neighbourhoods comprises of Punjabis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Hindus, Filipinos, Africans and all foreigners who have sought Canada as a refugee asylum. 
Since it's closing to Christmas time, most of businesses and of course most of Christians households put up a Christmas tree. While barely anyone celebrates Christmas in NE, businesses do their routine similar to the other branches at the other neighbourhoods of the city. East Indians whom were named just a few lines above are very attached to their roots. They believe their cloths are the best, their foods are tastier, their religion is what guides human beings to salvation and in a nutshell everything from and by them is the best. The only question here is if everything by or from them is the best, why the hell are they here in Canada?! Why the hell couldn't they do something with the country of the origin to make it the best and make Canadians to beg to go there?! That's the question shall be asked from one of them one day and I will. 
The Chef had a major grocery shopping so we went to a Safeway and did his shopping. I, as usual enjoyed earning Air Miles and got the stamps that now Safeway give out for some glassed you can get them later in 2016. Then he insisted to go to an East Indian restaurant in the neighbourhood. We went to this nasty place called Hot Plate. Rundown restaurant with broken furniture and trash almost everywhere! I had expected that because it is a Pakistani restaurant and who's dirties and more unsanitary that a Pakistani in the world?! May be Indian or Afghan! After all they are all the same! Anyways,I only went there because The Chef wanted and he was paying. We sat and then a kid came and took our order. The restaurant had their customers and they are all of course Pakistani. We waited for probably 20 min. and the food arrived. Mine was a mixture of bones and hot spices boiled in water and vegetables. Tasted good but there was as much as a tablespoon meat in the whole dish! The Chef's was something of a different taste. They brought three piece of bread. The breads, of course had been baked out of white floor but I ate them as they were baked very well. Basically you come out of the restaurant because you had lots of bread and hot spice and they tend to make you full but don't provide nutrition to your body! When we came out The Chef's complaint started! He is always like that. He says we shall do something and we do and after that he complaints and regrets! 
I took him home after that and because I had too much I walked to the train station and took the train home. 
(Photo: An East Indian man, probably a Pakistani is seen in a bank in NE Calgary wearing his traditional cloths and cap. A Christmas tree is put up in there with wrapped gifts underneath. I bet they are used to this scene but I'm not sure whether they take an offence of not!) 

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