Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Camera Out and In

I bought this EOS Rebel T5 in June of 2014 and was working fine for a period of 13 months. Exactly 1 month after the warranty was expired! I took it on every hiking and scrambling trip and took wonderful pictures. In my hike to Floe Lake in Kootenay National Park just shortly before I reach the lake, the camera got disabled! I mean it was totally off and wouldn't work! You imagine how disappointing it is that you walk for hours and when you reach your destination, you don't have a camera to take your favorite photos. 
I checked it back by the lake and on the way back and a silly message appeared on the screen. I don't know if it was the extreme heat or something else that had caused the problem but the camera was useless. I contacted Canon Canada and I was told that I should send the camera to their office in Ontario for repair using their designated courier company. The total charge for sending the camera and repair went up to some $300 or more and when It came back, it was not fixed! 
I was furious and contacted them again. They wanted me to send it back, this time using their account. They promised that if I did nothing, there would be no charge this time. The camera traveled to Ontario for the second time and came back. This time the screen would not turned on!! 
That was the stupidest thing I had seen. I sent it again and for the third time. It came back shortly before Christmas. I tried it and it looked fine and finally I had the chance to try it once after all these long trips, for the first time in my hike to Burstall Pass last week. It seems the problem is gone but I was very disappointed by the way Canon handled this issue. I was not expecting it to be required to be sent to the repair service 3 times. I don't think it is the same reliable camera anymore but what can I do? I have to stick to it until the situation gets better and I get the chance to buy a more advanced model, maybe a different brand.
(Photo: Canon EOS Rebel T5 is among the least expensive cameras of Rebel series in the market)

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