Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tim Horton's Pulled Pork: Not Good At All

I don't usually eat out and that's not because of the higher cost. The health problem is another issue but I've made myself busy with these coupons which are pouring in, recently! One of them which is very rare actually is the Tim Horton's. This cafe, turned to fast-food franchise do not provide many discount coupons unless they're introducing a new product. One I and The Lady tried their Steak Sandwich with a buy one get one free coupon which was not bad. This time they had a coupon for Pulled Pork Sandwich with the same deal. This one was quite disappointing compering to the last time. First of all they use a sweat sauce which makes the sandwich awful! The shredded meat is obviously cooked weeks, maybe months ago, got frozen and brought to the location, thawed and heated up in a microwave. All that's part of Tim Horton's food business and understandable but the whole process was apparently bad because the meat was bland and you could easily tell that was very old. There is no other item on the sandwich! No Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle or Onion! That's outrages! Not a thing! At least McDonald's Junior Chicken Sandwich has a few pieces of Lettuce. These guys just embarrassed themselves with making such a ridiculous and bland sandwich. I don't really know who would pay more than $6 for such a crappy food. Not to mention that if you added a beverage and side item, the cost would go up to some $10! You can get better than that in Subway! My rating for this sandwich would be 0.5 out of 5!

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