Thursday, March 17, 2016

How Eventually Wasn't I Rejected in an Application?!

When you're out of work and nothing's happening for a long time but a few interviews which led to nothing, and then all of a sudden something positive comes up, it enlightens you! Here's what happened:
The Lady encouraged me to do some volunteer job, indicating that it would do something positive with my time instead of lazing or wasting on unproductive and unnecessary things. I applied for two different position within two organizations. The first one, a sort of charity indicated that due the overwhelming number of applicants, they would accept volunteers based on short time request, meaning that I notify them that for example I would be available next week and if they had empty space, they would notify me. Fair enough. I haven't send them any message yet. 
The other one, more important to, as it is a professional organization, had a more restricted rule: Fill out this form, prepare this and send it to us to review your request. I worked on it and send it back. It was a little work, maybe as long as 45 minutes or so. A response came back within a few days: The person indicated that he liked my work and was looking forward to work with me! I was surprised and very happy at the same time! I wasn't exactly expecting that. I thought the answer would be: We are receiving lots of requests, we reviewed your work and it is not that great. We might consider you for other undertakings and bullshit similar to those. The answer was very rewarding for my little work, just like result of work will later be, I'm sure. Right now I', waiting for the second response and then I can start right after that. It would be quite a work but I like it.
Volunteer work is big part of Canadian job market. It's part of their culture. Without volunteering, many businesses would't survive and many event would cost thousands of dollars more. These are a few examples that I'm aware of: Calgary Stampede, Calgary Food Bank, The City of Calgary and many more that their list would require a book!

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