Monday, March 21, 2016

Took a Good Care of the Trout

This past weekend I was at The Chef again. We chatted a bit and then we headed for a little grocery shopping so we can make something for dinner. He was skeptical about our dinner. First he simply wanted to get a rotisserie chicken and then changed to Salmon. Considering that we had that the week before I suggested to have Trout. Being from the south of the old country, near Persian Gulf, The Chef is not much familiar with river fish such as Trout but he accepted. I wanted him to make something similar to what he had made almost 10 years ago but he didn't any recollection of that! Trout is actually a very different fish compare to Salmon. It requires less time to prepare because it is lighter and thinner. He wanted to put it in the damn oven but I asked him to fry pan the fish and he did. When it finally was ready it was very good but I realized that I don't enjoy food that much anymore! My exercise level has been reduced significantly and he fools around during cooking so much that I get hungry and eat other things before the main meal is ready. When the meal is ready, I'm not that hungry person but the food was good. He was being called constantly by a motherfucker Punjabi and they didn't let him alone! Apparently they were trying to convince him to marry a 40 something divorced woman! He's a naive guy. So I gave him as much advice as I could. By the end of the dinner he was drunk because he was sipping Red Wine out of a big glass! I brought up a few topic and then made him to tell the story of his temporary roommate, The Loyal and his trouble with a pimp and tapes part of it! This was probably the third time I was listening to that story but he tells it so amazingly that you don't want to stop him. I finally left at I guess it was 22:30 or so.
(Photo: Piece of Trout are being fried. The Chef used flour and some herbs, mixed them together and then fried them the way you see before adding the mixture tomato and other herbs)

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