Saturday, March 19, 2016

Went Berserk in a McDonald's!

I drove The Chef to a hospital for his injury examination a few days ago and we stopped at a McDonald's location for a little breakfast. I ordered a Sausage McMuffin with Egg and I wanted that on Multi-Grain Bagel. These freaks have been trying hard to force their customers to use the newly installed machines in the restaurants. In order to prove it to them the machines are useless, I decided to order the above sandwich. At the end they realized that their high-tech machine does not have a choice of changing the bread! So the woman said that should would ask someone to do that at a till! There's this woman whom I would not reveal her ethnicity in order not to be pointed at a a racists and she looks that she knows what she's doing! 
I go to the table where The Chef has already parked himself and sip on my coffee, wait for the sandwich to arrive. This woman hands me the sandwich and apologizes for the delay. I unwrap it and it's an English Muffin, the usual bread! Mistake No.1 I told the woman and she handed it back to her crew. I sat down again and waited. Then she came back after a minute or two and handed me the sandwich again. The sandwich that those women in the back had made with their bare hands! I unwrap the cover and again it's the wrong order! Instead of The Multi-grain Bagel the had used a White Bagel! Mistake No. 2. The sandwich traveled back to the kitchen again. Came back to me after a few minutes. The result: Mistake No. 3! How? The bread was right but they had forgotten the egg! I looked at the woman in white uniform and she went: That is how the order was accepted! I looked at the receipt: She was right! It said Sausage McMuffin! No egg was mentioned! So ate it. 
Having this in mind, just the next day I was by myself and I thought I should get a breakfast sandwich as it was around 10:30 or so. Same Scenario almost! They realized they were not able to get the bread changed on the machine. They sent me to the till and over there it looked fine at the beginning. When I got that, the piece of shit had made a mistake! White Bagel instead of Multi-grain! I didn't say anything because how many time you say a very simple thing to a person?! 
The next day I just wanted to get a coffee and walked in to the same location. This was hilarious because coffee is the simplest item on the menu but I lost it! I ordered a medium with one cream, my usual and they said they had ran out of medium! Fine! We would give you a large and it is the same charge! OK. I got the coffee. Had a sip! I taste sugar and lost it completely! Started yelling and told them that they were not able to get an order right no matter what is used, a machine or a real person! I was going on and on and there was a man, probably the manager who tried to calm me down but I couldn't stop! Eventually they handed me a coffee and a woman wanted to return the money I had paid! I told him to keep it and walked out! This was very frustrating! Three days in the row I got the wrong order! I promised myself that I would never step in that location again and maybe even switch my coffee or limit the number of travels to McDonald's.
(Photo: The electronic payment machines that McDonald's have been installing in its restaurants. This machine is not flawless and one example is the stupidity that its designers show in a way that you can not selected a different bread for your sandwich. They are also not as advanced as self-payment stations in supermarkets that you can pay in cash. If you have cash then you will pay it to the cashier!)

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