Saturday, March 05, 2016

Used Stuff Market In Canada

Used and second-hand as some might call it, have a huge market in Canada. I never bought anything used before my immigration. Here neither but I sold many. A large population here prefers used items before that saves them plenty. Used cars, used cloths, shoes, furniture, you name it. In fact the only used item I've bought so far have been a few DVD movies and maybe a few books that all and that was mainly because I was not able to find them new. It's very displeasing fro me to wear someone else's shoes or pants or sleep on a mattress which has been used by other for years!
Anyway I said that I've sold many things and I'm going to tell the story of the last one here: I had an IKEA sofa-bed that we bought with the intention of sleeping together in it but we couldn't. Between me turning, tossing and moving a lot during sleep and being a little heavy (some 190 lbs.) and The Lady being very fragile and petite, it was almost impossible to enjoy a good night sleep. So we only used it as a sofa. After more than 2 weeks being advertised, I finally received a call when the price was cut a little bit. When the person came to our apartment, it appeared to an Oriental guy but he spoke well for an Oriental. The guy didn't know his ass from elbow. I helped him to disassemble to item as he was not even able to use an Alan Key properly! Then it was the time to put it in his Audi Coupe!! Can you imagine that! Someone pays for an nice car and even it is used, which he said it was, but hesitate to buy a comfortable bed for his and her girlfriend! Of course being Oriental, you're very light and small, mostly. So you wouldn't have a problem sleeping on a sofa-bed, I assume! He was not small. He in fact was even a little taller than me but much lighter! Anyways we disassembled the item in to two major pieces and took it down. However because of the length, it wouldn't fit in. So we had to disassemble that part to other parts on the sidewalk in front of the main entrance of the building! In fact I did that part too and he was just watching! Then what was left was the mattress, the covers and the cushins. I asked him to give me some money and then I would go and garb the rest. He didn't trust me and said that he would come with me inside! I said OK and we went back in but I told myself that I would give him a good lesson. After helping him this much he refused to give me a portion of that money and he didn't trust me. So although I knew we had 2 pairs of screws, nuts and washers on the floor, I didn't tell him!
I put the cover, cushins and mattress in my car, secured his trunk lid with a rope and followed him to his place. I don't think anyone ever has sold anything like this in Canada. He gave me that portion before we left my apartment and the rest when in his building's underground parking. I stopped in a Safeway to get a few pieces of fruit and that was when the telephone rang! He had realized that a few of the screws were missing. I told him to call me tomorrow and he'd get them because I was on my way to work. He agreed. He called at the specified time but he said he would not be able to make it by the evening. Fine by me. Then he called and said he would be there by 13:00. I said OK. He called me at 13:30 and said either he was there or he would come. I said that I was sorry and I could not see him because he was half an hour late! I told him to call the next day and then he could come to get the damn screws. He agreed after sighing but later that day he sent me a text message saying that he had gone to IKEA and had obtained the screws and didn't need them anymore! You see? The idiot preferred to drive at least half an hour longer to get there, at least another half and hour, pay for the screws and pay for the gasoline simply because he was too shy to admit he was an idiot! Good for me I didn't have to deal with him no longer!

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