Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Extremely Slow Canada.ca Website

I finally reached the date that I was allowed to file my first report to receive E. I. So I got on the computer and logged in. The system did not let me file the report stating that I was not allowed to do that before 08:00 AM Central Standard Time! So I waited a few more minutes and logged back in again. I started answering the questions and the system was so damn slow. Al of a sudden the system showed a message similar to This is not responding or This website is not responding! I was pissed! Tried that a few more times and although the report was going through step by step, I feared that everything is lost at the end and I would have to file again or won't go through and don't get paid at all! I was right but not because the system didn't accept my input. What happened was that I got tired after almost 45 min. and decided to call. I waited for about 10 min. and a representative answered. She said that the report would eventually go through, although slow. I experienced that and went a few more steps ahead but eventually got kicked out and a Session Timed Out message appeared on the screen! She helped me to file the report and I was told I wouldn't get paid for this period for some nonsense reason! 
I've been waiting for about 5.5 month and I still won't get paid! She said the soonest that I get paid would most likely be Apr.03 to 5th! That would be 6 freaking months after I lost my damn job! But what can I do! Job searching has not led me to anything! There are not many jobs at the moment. In fact the last interview I had was about a month ago. I wonder what will happen.

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