Friday, March 25, 2016

Ghomeshi: Not Guilty

Jian Ghomeshi was a Canadian radio host who is from Iranian descent. He was born in London, England and then was brought up in Canada. Of being an Iranian the only thing he had is his name and surname. Everything else of him is Westerner. He has a warm voice and good features and used to be invited to many occasions and for these two reasons, and for that I'm sure, he got many girls. Girls in West and even in East look for fame and wealth and he had both at the time although it's less appealing in East. In West as long as a woman is in need of sex, they don't care who their partner is, where they are and what situation they are in. They have to have it. Man, woman, under-age, old, young, Black, in the office, in the car, on the beach, on a park bench, you name it. There's no shame, there's no red line, there's nothing but a strong sexual desire that they have to satisfy that under any circumstance. I'm hundred percent sure that these women who complained about Jian Ghomeshi have all been in the same situation.
This woman, a former West Jet flight attendant got in to a hotel room with a pilot and drank wine with him then accused him of sexual harassment or something similar.
As they claimed they mostly met him on a stage or in an event such as a party. He's good-looking and they felt an itch in their genital area and gave him a green light. Whether he is a maniac or sexual predator is irrelevant here because they all pursued their relationship with him after the alleged assault or attack or whatever term they want to use, actions such as hitting or pulling the hair back while kissing or engaging in sexual act or foreplay. These behaviour, being submissive is very common within Western women. They like to be beaten, their hairs to be pulled back, spanked or similar. That's why they all sent him e-mails and their half-naked photos and even one engaged in sexual intercourse one day after she claimed he allegedly hit her! If she didn't like that, or if she had not wanted to tolerate torture in exchange for sex, would she have invited him to her place for sex after that?! I'm no fan of Ghomeshi and those stupid acts during sex which is common within both men and women here in West but I'm saying that's what they wanted. Things I've seen women do during sex here in West and experienced some of them personally by Western woman are quite similar to what these women claim that Ghomeshi did to them which is not, in my opinion, normal and is not common within women in East. Women ask to be spanked, have sperm in their mouth, on their breasts or stomach, they swallow sperm, they ask the partner to engage in anal sex with them because they like the pain, they ask the partner to beat them or choke them and many more. One of the audiences when the judge's verdict came out and it was being discussed on CBC Radio said; What kind of sexual assault and rape that is that the so-called victim contacts the alleged criminal the next day, invites him to her place and engages in sexual activity with him!? Ghomeshi still have to attend another court in June.
Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion of the world is seen here after he was convicted. He was found guilty of raping a Black beauty contender. To this date he insists on his innocence and many believe he is. 
For all the women who were upset that he has not been found guilty, here will come another opportunity to cheer on, if he is found guilty this time. Stories of similar kind are told several times. One that I'm familiar with and the alleged person stresses he was innocent even today is the accusation of rape of Mike Tyson the former Heavyweight Champion of the World. He attended a Black beauty contest or something similar and then a girl flirted with him there. They went to Tyson's hotel room and engaged in kissing and foundling and similar. While Tyson indicates that the sex was consentual, the girl complaint that she was forced to and accused him of rape. He was taken to the court and was found guilty. That cost him three years. The punishment was 6 years but I guess with good behaviour he did half of the time. Many indicated that the court made a mistake and to this day he insists on his innocence. The interesting thing is if he had pleaded guilty, his sentence would have been less harsher but he was so sure about his behavior that he preferred to go to a longer jail term and insist on his innocence. 
The last one which is really funny is this flight attendant of West Jet who accused a pilot of sexual harassment or something similar. First of all you should have seen her when she was being interviewed! Short skirt, full make up, high heels, you name it. It looked like that she was going to a party not an interview on national TV to indicate how she was mistreated by West Jet and so on! She gets in to a hotel room, I guess with a pilot. They are drinking wine and probably one thing leads to another and he does something that she doesn't like. There you go: Sexual harassment! I even saw that once in a workplace. There was this superintendent who always joked with girls, pulled their legs and taped them on the shoulder or maybe on the wait or even butts. I never saw the last one. One day I didn't see him and I heard that he had been fired! A superintendent! I think one of those girls got tired of his jokes and maybe fondling and complained about him. Maybe two of them or more. he was out shortly after that! So did he do something really bad to those girls? I believe his behaviour was unacceptable but why didn't they complain earlier? That's a good question. Maybe they didn't like it as much as Ghomeshi partners did! They continued seeing him and even one went to bed with him the day after the alleged assault! You gotta be careful with women or you're in trouble!
(Photo, top: Lucy Decoutere, a Canadian actress from Edmonton was one of the complainants of Ghomeshi here is seen in a photo with some information on the top part of it)

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