Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Lack of Morals and Decency in the Society

Two piece of shit got wasted a few weeks ago in C. O. P. because the crooks had broken in to the park to use the facilities for free after hours and people called this tragedy!!!! What kind of disgusting, piece of shit you have to be, to break and enter??!! If they had entered to someone's property for any reason and fallen and broken their fucking necks and died, would that also have been considered a tragedy???! They were burglars and landed on a wrong spot and got killed. They deserved that. Same there. The guys were so disgusting and cheap to pay for the facility and I don't care whether others including the staff had done that, and fucking killed themselves! 
Why don't you accept that there is no moral and decency in this society of Canada within the youth any more!!?? The young people think of nothing but drinking alcohol and getting wasted, smoking weed, having sex with multiple partners and from different genders, playing with their stupid phones and all similar stupid acts and these are all encouraged in this society and all the named deeds are considered value!!

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