Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Very Messed-up Europe

I sent an e-mail to my cousin who lives in Denmark, a few days ago and his response came back shortly from an airport in Italy where he was with his family for a short Easter Holiday. I wrote him that these recent terrorist acts in Europe, more specifically in France and Belgium, is the result of not having an actual border in between the countries. People can freely travel in between different countries, most of the time, as long as they enter one! How ridicules is that? I really don't know what was the idea behind that? Encouraging people to freely travel to Europe for business and tourism? Lowering the costs by removing the required inspections at borders? Anything else? Neither one and not any other reason justifies what they have done. I'm sure having no border is not the only reason why terrorists transported explosives from France to Belgium or traveled freely from Turkey to Syria, to ISIS territories and back to Belgium. The main problem is European countries, particularly France, Belgium and Germany let hundreds of thousands of people from poor Muslim countries in and then isolated them in neighbourhoods and city skirts with minimum-paid jobs or no job at all and forgot about them. These people later had the kids of their own and those kids felt the same: Forgotten, looked down on, isolated and ignored and then they got an opportunity given to them by Barbarians of ISIS: The opportunity to revenge! And they started killing innocent people. The reports indicates that some of the alleged terrorists were bright kids in European schools doing great with lots of potential and talent. And what happened to them? They became criminals who blew themselves up in airports, underground stations and other public places.
European cities are no longer safe in a way that people can sit, sip onto a glass of wine, laugh and have a good time. The threat of terrorism is serious and it can happen at any moment because these are the people who are from the same society, although not blended in.
Planet of the Apes or what?! I'm not being rude or racist. I have been a victim of racism but this guy at left tried to kill CAF members in a recruiting center in Ottawa and the other one on right a chief of police is explaining the incident
Is this too late to fix this problem? It sure is. Unlike what the authorities say that there are as many as 400 terrorist ready to attack European targets, I believe the number is more than that. People of the same background easily sympathize with the terrorists and act the same way. An example of this would be the so-called Palestinian-American officer who opened fire on his colleague and killed a few, if I'm not wrong in numbers. Or the African guy who invaded a CAF recruiting center and stabbed to members.
When the Europeans let all those Muslims from Morocco, Algeria and other North African countries, they should have taken all precautionary and preventive actions but they didn't and now it's a bit late for corrective actions because the only effective corrective action in this case is removing the corpse, cleaning the mess, all the smashed glasses and derbies, allocating more security forces to the public places and lunching searches in certain neghbourhoods. The other question is who created ISIS and who's been feeding them since? That would be the subject of another post.
(Photo, top: This map shows the dispersion of Shia and Sunni the main two sects of Islam throughout the globe. The majority of Sunni Muslims don't recognize Shia as a Muslim sect! Shia in fact was created by Iranians in protest to Utoman Empire. Whoever Shia is seen outside the borders of Iran has either an Iranian root or is supported by Iranians although there are many Sunnis who as well receive the support of Iran. This Shia-Sunni conflict has been the result of ISIS being created by Sunni extremists afters the US led invasion of Iraq and at the end of Nuri Al-Maliki's period as the Prime Minister of Iraq. It was later was supported by the US, Saudi Arabia and other extremists as well as Turkey)

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