Friday, April 14, 2006

Answer to Anger

A fellow reader has gone through my recent post regarding a nice pretty young Canadian girl whom I met last Sun. and is so mad and has commented on that post. Here's my short answer to him or her although s/he has mentioned that s/he would never read my blog:
First of all don't you think it would be better if you introduced yourself and not to hide?
Second of all sex is a need and I, like everyone else, am in need of that. I liked what I saw in that girl and I'd like to sleep with her. Is there anything wrong with that?
If she doesn't want the others to see her boobs and ass, she simply can cover them up. Right? So she basically wants to get attention because she as a woman needs sex and companionship as well. Right? So think about it before calling the other people sick or looser. That's not nice. Try to understand the simple facts of life. It's not really hard, I guess.

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