Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Message Trade

Nicole called me after month and half regarding the Quality Engineer position I applied in Tri Ocean Engineering and the interview I attended in Feb.21. She left a message asking if I was available or not. That was last Mon. I called her 3 times in the afternoon of that day but couldn't get her on the phone. Then I consulted my friend, Kamix and he indicated that I should not beg for the job. That three rings are enough.
So I didn't call her yesterday until I got home and found her message saying she was busy and couldn't return my call! I left a message as well saying that I would be available the coming Mon. or Tue. but that was it. I didn't get anything from her today. I only got tomorrow and the day after. If I receive a call from them, it means there's a chance. If not, it's gone.

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