Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tickets, Transfer and Passes

I was on the LRT on my way to Talisman today when the inspectors got in. I showed my monthly pass and the lady thanked. Then the man asked a teen couple. The guy started searching his pockets and then went to his socks! He again started searching his pockets and the man was standing in front of him and saying nothing! Obviously he and his gf didn't have anything to present and that was just a game they were playing but it's interesting how patient, nice and calm the inspector was. If that had been me, I would have slapped that motherfucker for teasing me and would have yelled: Why the fuck don't you fucking say that you don't have anything to present! But obviously none of those three inspectors did that. They just made them get off at Chinook Station.
I remember same thing happened to me just about 2 weeks after my arrival. I was caught by two inspectors, a man and a woman. The young lady took out her booklet and was about to start writing me a ticket which I later learnt that it's something around $150! But I explained to them that I was new and just came to Canada and showed them my passport. The man took a look and they forgave me. They even showed me how ticket vending machine and transfer papers worked and let me go. I knew all that on that time! Just didn't wanna pay for transit. But that was it and I always have a valid ticket, transfer or pass on me when I am riding a transit. Calgary Transit has a very good and dependable service.
(Photo: LRT [stands for Light Rail Transit] or C-Train [probably Calgary Train!] is seen here at Olympic Plaza Station at Downtown)

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