Saturday, April 01, 2006


Here are the 10 most common money leaks in North America that it's said everyone can plug them in and save bucks. The way(s) I deal with the issue is offered beneath them:

1- Paying bills by snail mail.
Using online banking system or any other electronic media.

2- Annual payments for credit cards.
All my 6 credit cards have no annual fee.

3- Using cash to pay tolls.
Not applicable to me. It's regarding the roads, bridges and highways which the driver should pay before s/he gets in.

4- Subscribing for cable TV, Internet service and phone from three different companies.
There was no time that I have all the said three services together. Even when I used to share a townhouse with Resurrect I didn't pay for the phone and used to use only my mobile phone but he had a good deal from a company which I don't remember the name. (I guess it's Telus) He had a considerable amount of time calling inside Canada for only $20 as he used to call his brother-in-law in North Vancouver and let me to use that service for free. So I used that to call my friends in Toronto and Edmonton! But I believe that you'll be qualified for some sort of discount when you get different services from only a company and you'll save bucks.

5- Letting the water run.
As clear as crystal. Never happened to me even with a guy like Resurrect!

6- Keeping six months’ worth of salary in a savings account as an emergency fund.
I've no idea about this one but know if anyone leaves his or her account inactive in Canada (At least with RBC) they'll withdrawal bucks as a charge! It happened to my US account and thay've charged me $15! I called them and explained the reason I left that much money untouched and they promised me to be retrieved!

7- A cell-phone plan that doesn’t match your needs.
That's very true and has happened to me several times so far! I've changed my plan at least 4 times in past year! But my situation is a bit different. I sometimes need to talk a lot and sometimes don't!

8- Taking your time to redeem gift cards.
Have no experience regarding this one

9- Eating out on vacations.
That's definitely true. Happens to me every week even when I'm not on vacation! Damn Safeway charges you $3.99 for a bagel sandwich! But sometimes I doubt they make good money and afford paying their employees though! That huge building has gigantic bills: electricity for numerous lights, coolers, fridges and freezes, employees salaries, security expenses, transportation, gas for 10 months of year which is really cold and you have to warm up the whole building and many other possible expenses that I'm not aware of!

10- Thinking that “all-inclusive” means “all-inclusive.”
This one applies to vacation packages and I haven't tried them. Never. But sounds to be true. When I read their add, I hardly believe them.

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