Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Second OT again in the third game

Calgary beat Anehiem in the third game and now leads the series 2-1. That was a tremendous game which I was watching live through Hockey Night in Canada on CBC. But the other game, Detroit at Edmonton went to the second OT and I'm too tired to follow that as it's almost 11:53 PM now.
In the last minutes of the first OT the Red Wings scored a goal and they cheered and jumped up and down. The Oilers fans started leaving the Rexall Place and the goalie was skating off the ice slowly while his face looked like someone who's shocked through his mask. Then the judge announced that the goal doesn't count! This time the Oilers' fans cheered and got back to their seats! The puck went down beneath the net and got in. It was shown through the net camera a few times.
(Photo: McCarty scores a beautiful goal for the Flames in the third period of the game)

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