Monday, April 03, 2006

Flashback (6): Brother Moe

When I decided to move out from the townhouse I used to share with Resurrect, the king of idiots, he tried to help me finding a new place. But as he’s a complete asshole he messed up like everything else he does. He told me that he knew somewhere nice in the neighborhood which is close to everything. Then one day he drove me there: An old filthy place where an old Egyptian guy named Brother Moe (Moe for Mohammad) resides.
The house was a mess and the guy was a mess, a drunkard in his early 50s. Cans of beer were all over the place and you could smell poverty in the house. There was also an Oldsmobile parked in front of the house lacking driver’s side window. The window was covered by a plastic sheet.
I didn’t say anything ‘cause I know Resurrect. He told me that Brother Moe used to live in a luxury house with his family and then one day his son got killed by the cops and his wife filed divorce and got the house from him! He turned to an alcoholic after that. Resurrect told him that he had to find a job. He said: " Brother Moe you gotta find a job. Go to people’s house and tell you do everything: You mow their lawn, you clean their yard, you suck their dick! You … " The old guy then jumped in: " No! I don’t suck their dick! "
The neighborhood is where poor street whores hang out usually. I didn’t say a thing and we left after a few minutes. Obviously Resurrect had sympathy for that guy and was trying to help. But as he doesn’t know how to behave in almost every situation, he screws up! Why the hell he took me to that nuthouse? Only because he’s an asshole, without a shadow of doubt.

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