Saturday, April 01, 2006


I went to my neighbourhood's Safeway for weekly grocery shopping and in the meat department I ran to Otto, the Vietnamese guy. He has been born here. He was wearing an earring and had a punkish-blond hair style! He used to be my supervisor for a period of time. A nice guy but to run his department, he had to be an asshole like most of the supervisors, sometimes. But I did the least amount of hard job under his supervision mostly because I was on light duty. But he lied to me a few times and I did something to him which led to his termination. That was not the only cause but did help. Here's the story which I think I should put here:
Once I didn't see him for a few days at work and asked the guys where he is. I was told that he has gotten injured and is resting at home. One Mon. I saw Bev in the corridor and I asked her: Do you have any idea what happened to Otto? She answered: He's sick and at home. I said: I saw him in Canada Olympic Park last Sat., skiing and he waved at me! She looked like she didn't believe me but we talked for a few more seconds and we left.
Shortly after that they called me upstairs in the office and asked me to write my statement. I did that and signed the paper. I didn't see him until today. But last week I was talking to a Lao pretty, petite girl and I asked her if she's Otto's ex-gf and she said no and mentioned that she was married. Then I asked if she knows where Otto is. She said that he owned a nail shop in NW quartile of the city and is married and got two kids. Otto himself said today that he manages that meat department and does a computer-related job. I don't know why he's there 'cause Mark once told me he lives in Forest Lawn and the young Lao lady said he lives in AppleWood which is not very far from the said neighbourhood and that's where usually Oriental people from South East Asia live. That's too far from my neighbourhood and I wonder if he has moved or travels that long for money. Laszlo once told me that company hired a private investigator to find out his story. The guy learnt that he's fine, reported to the company and they dismissed him. That's what he said but he's not a very trustworthy guy in my view. Although I don't see any reason for him to make up such a story.

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