Sunday, April 30, 2006

Same Feeling

I was reading the book I bought just a few months after I came to Canada and haven't finished it yet (The book has 589 pages and I just finished 114!): It Doesn't Take A Hero by General H. Norman Schwarzkopf and noticed that I, now, have almost the same feeling as he had when he was turning thirty and was about to start a Master degree in a L. A. School. he says:

... We strolled up to the entrance, looked through the glass, and spotted three coeds about to come out who looked exactly like the missed cheerleaders of my dreams. I straightened up, sucked in my stomach a little and gallantly help open the door. They looked at me, then at each other, and said, " Thank you, sir. " I suddenly saw myself as they did - a grown-up, obviously pushing thirty - and realized with sarrow that my fantasies of coed college life would remain forever unfulfilled. ...

I usually don't feel that bad but there have been times that I knew I should have stayed away from the girls I wanted to have relationship with. Although many girls that I've seen here (And have lost them all unfortunately!) are much younger than me. Kelly, Jeniece and Tina were all Canadian sweet girls, regardless the others from other ethnic backgrounds, that could have been my gf and were much younger than me, may be even 10 years younger but I lost them all. I'll write more about that book later.
(Photo: Young Schwarzkopf, probably when he graduated from West Point as Second Lieutenant in the US Army Infantry)

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