Saturday, April 08, 2006

Flashback (7): Imari

When I moved out of D. H.'s house, I was in touch with him for a short period of time until we had a verbal fight. The reason we had that face-off which ended to exchanging nasty e-mails and finally staying away from each other for more than 3 year was an American girl called Imari. But how that Saudi-French-American(!) girl came in between us is interesting:
D. H. was unemployed at the time and I was his tenant. He was fighting with his wife over the kids and a divorce deal. I really don't know if he had any other source of income but regardless of a few tenants he had, he used to go to another East Indian guy's house, called Dr. Khan to accompany him and get paid. Also he used to get paid by kind of organizations which are founded to help poor people, I guess. Or if that was not it, he had kind of government help. So he used to spend most of his time behind the desk, talking to people through the net. The people who he talked to, were mostly anti-Muslims and they were exchanging coarse language as well as girls and young women who were desperate finding someone to fuck for any reason!
Imari (Meaning two moons in French) was obviously one of them. A chubby dark-skinned young girl, prob. 18 or 19 and little cute from Nevada. Once I called D. H to see if he's home or not to go to see him and she picked up. Then when I got there a mid-aged woman opened the door and I noticed that I'm facing one of the women I just described them earlier. A blue-eyed who was wearing a headscarf. The funny thing is I later noticed that the woman is Jewish and D. H. hated Jewish people! But the thing is when you're in need of something (here a pussy!) it does not matter where the piece is from or what faith she follows, especially here in Canada where you see people from every background and ethnicity.
Anyway I got in and Imari was there too. We talked for a while and she showed interest but I never thought of something even close to what later happened. Then D. H. showed up, I stayed for a few more hours and then left while got a green light from Imari.
The other day I got there to take Imari to a coffee shop. I rented D. H.'s small truck and we drove away. We were not too far from the house and while I was driving she touched my leg around groin area. I thought she wants to grab my hand as a sign of friendship or something but she grabbed my dick! That was the time I noticed where we were going!
I didn't waste time by going to a coffee shop. I drove directly home and we started experimenting! I had, on that night, one of the best positions that I've ever tried: She on top of me. She was really good. She took a nice pace which was so pleasing to me and satisfactory to her. I, in that position, had the chance to grab, kiss and suck her big boobs and nipples and finally coming inside her.
Then I wanted to try anal and she welcomed me. So I asked her to put a condom on me and she did it but don't remember why we didn't do that. I also tried missionary position and that was not bad on her but I felt that I'm not strong enough for her as a lower back ache appeared shortly after. The ideal position for us was she on top of me and also I guess doggy. She asked me to do her while we are both standing but she's as tall as me and I needed something to step on so we left this one not done as well!
When I took her back that night to D. H.'s house she asked me to join her in her room to do more. You imagine we got home at about may be 4 or 5 AM. The door was open and everyone was asleep, we got in! We undressed and she started stroking my cock and I started foreplay but there was nothing left. So I said goodbye and left. Then the night after that a Kashmiri guy drove her to my place. He is married and I was in touch with him for a few months after Imari left. A guy from a Persian mother from Shiraz and a Kashmiri father. He slept with her as well. Imari spent one night at my suite and the new thing we tried was she stimulated me and asked me to come on her tits. And I did and felt very good. She immediately ran to washroom to see how it looked! Finally after a few phone calls she made, I got a cab for her and she flew to the east to see another guy. She gave me a hug before she got in the cab.
Then a few weeks later I received a phone call from her. We talked and she then asked me: Can I sleep with you? I don't know why I was so stupid at that time and didn't give her a strong OK. We exchanged a few more e-mails and some offline messages and I never heard of her again. The Kashmiri guy once told me that he's in touch with her and has her number and also told me that she was back to Calgary once again. Maybe the time she called me.
But how she ruined the friendship between me and D. H. is this way: when she moved out of his house she told me what was going on in there. She told me D. H. slept with both of them at once, having a threesome (I really wanna try that one day!) and we talked about what's happening between D. H. and that Jewish lady from Ontario and that drove D. H. crazy! Once he called me and asked if Imari was there. And that was the day after she had flown away and I said " No. She just dropped by and left shortly after that". He teased me by saying that she was a good match for me. And I counterattacked him by saying that he have a better match, the Jewish lady! I knew he learnt that Imari had told everything and that made him so pissed and upset.

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