Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cultural Discrepancies (3): Friendliness

It has been a long time since I posted something about the Canadian culture and how things are different here from what I used to deal with back home. Today I faced a nice young girl and that visit encourages me to write about the kindness and friendliness of Canadian people. This is not the first time I see such a thing though. Here's what happened today:
I took C-train after I left Chinook Mall and got off at Anderson station to get the bus to go home. I went to the bus stop and saw a young girl sitting on the bench. I asked her if she knew what time the bus would come. She said 07:20 which was almost 15 min. to go. Then we started talking. She, a young girl with extremely beautiful blue eyes, dirty blond hair and fair complexion told me that she works in a women apparel store in Southcentre Mall, she's graduated and lives with her Mom. I saw that she feels cold and asked if she's cold she said yes and I noticed that she haven't had anything for her lunch. The girl was so cute that I would eat every inch of her body with no delay. She had gorgeous boobs that I could see half of them easily. She was so friendly and nice that you can't believe it. I introduced myself and we shook hands. When the bus came there, I sat beside her but as I always try to be very polite I asked her: Would you mind I sit here? She replied: Not at all. We talked about jobs and business and life and I told her that we would be delivered another rebate check prob. in Sep. She said that she had spent the entire rebate cheque to get tattoos! It's $400! Then I asked where they are and and she said that there are two on her back, right below her neck and one on her lower back, right above her ass. And that was the one I saw! She pulled up her shirt and I touched her tattoo. A large 2.0 in dark blue on her white, smooth skin right above where I would love to kiss! She was going to show me the others but I said it's OK. I asked her what 2.0 means. She answered that she got that tattoo when she felt that she's a new person. So basically that her version 2.0 of Leigh. That's her name. She told me her name and that was when we shook hands. I told her that reminds me of Monster, the movie. I added: No offence to you. She said she knew the movie. Then I got off in front of Co-op and said good bye to her. I might not see her again but all I'm saying is a 19-year-old girl was so friendly and sociable while she's years younger than me. I wish I could give my number to her. I kind of felt that she did not want it. May be I'm wrong. She, during the time we were in the bus and talking, asked if I'm going home. I answered yes. And then I asked if she wanted to go for a coffee. She said she was so tired. And she was right. That's another opportunity I missed.

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