Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Roadhouse

Laszlo asked me if I wanted to join him and Levi in the same bar we were last time for a drink last Thu. I said sure and we went to The Roadhouse for a drink. Roadhouse is also the title of a movie which I watched years ago. It had been a mystery for me what roadhouse meant for years when I was in the early years of post secondary school! I know what it means today!
Anyway we went there and Laszlo said that he was talking to a lady and she was coming to the bar and shortly after the old lady showed up. We talked about everything and I saw she was interested in making a relationship although she insisted that she was married. When I told her that I had a plan to go to Mexico she mentioned that she had been there and showed her jugging suit she had on with the word Cancun on the sleeves. Then I said: May be we go this time together and she was interested. She is old and just average-looking but very fuckable and I bet his husband, if there's any, doesn't satisfy her.
Shortly after we found out that the chubby and finance ladies are there as well. I joined them and asked where Michele was and the chubby chick said: You like her! I was gonna tell her why the hell not. But didn't. Those two ladies were with two guys but here you never know who's really with who. People come and go and the gal picks the best one she thinks fucks her better. Michele joined us in a few min. and the first thing she said was: Don't be all over me! But she really didn't mean that. Then Levi, Laszlo and Pam, the new lady, joined us but she left shortly after. Before she leaves I gave her a big hug and she was, I think, in need of a kiss on the lips because I didn't do anything and she said: Not on my lips because I'm married! So I just gave her a kiss on her cheek and she left. I don't think she would say anything if I did kiss her on the lips. Even when I grabbed her ass gently, first time I was hugging her she didn't say anything. I'm gonna save her because she got a beautiful body and I guess is horny. (I don't know why I got hard while I'm writing this!)
Michele was friendly and complained why I ever go to her office to say hi to her during the week. Although when I asked her out she said she would be busy all long weekend with her 2 boys. May be later. Then The chubby chick and Laszlo started kissing on the mouth and God! that was awful! Laszlo is married with three kids and that girl, My God, I rather jerk off all night long instead of sleeping with her. The girls were talking dirty and she was inviting Laszlo to the washroom but he didn't go. Then the finance lady and his picked guy left without paying a big, more than $70 bill! Those two girls were so horny that couldn't wait. Only Michele was calm. Lucky me! We sat, drank and talked for a few more minutes and then left. I was so drunk and was feeling so sick. A hot shower helped a bit.

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