Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ugly Piece of Crap!

I usually try not to write unpleasant things I see here, in this side of the globe but at times I feel I should. There's an ugly Hispanic woman from Chile that I've known her for a while. A few weeks ago I talked to her about a little problem I have with my 2005 income tax refund. She told me that she would help me. Then once I saw that ugly piece of shit messing with a nigger. I soon found out what it means. She's so ugly that I'm sure no one would ever sleep with her unless he gets paid. Look at this: Very short, huge ass and ugly face that reminds you of a mule or at the best a monkey. I have had seen her with another nigger last year and that guy is from Montreal. I guess he used to stay at her place for free and in return she gave her blow jobs and got fucked in every hole. Now she's trying to get this one. I don't understand people like this. They go and beg for a cock as they know no one ever fuck them unless they are paid. I, myself a few times told her that we would be going for a coffee and that was not serious and she smiled. But I think if she thought that I have a huge dick, she would definitely accept that and drive me herself! I would never fuck a piece of shit like that though. I'd rather masturbate. She's so miserable. These kind of people are worst than animals. They make me sick.

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