Friday, September 29, 2006

Ultimate Stupidity

I’ve been living in this part of the sphere for almost 5 years now and what I have been trying to do so far and will keep doing it, is discovering the Canadian culture and society as much as I could. In order to do that I stay away from my native people so far that I only know a few of them, not even more than 5. I haven't left the country since but I still don’t understand this stupid people of here! The people who were born and grown in this country.
Anyway It has been fucking so hot in past few days. Something between 20˚ C and 25˚ C and that’s what I hate the most, esp. in the fall while these stupid assholes say, everyday on the fucking radio or TV “… It was beautiful today”!
What the fuck is really beautiful? September is over and I don’t remember many rainy days except the Fri. I was driving to the airport to fly to B. C.
Don’t you fucking animals understand that this is one of the many disadvantages of global warming? Are you just fucking stupid animals who only think of filling up their fucking stomach and feeding their genitals or humans?
It was cold for only a few days and that made me go to buy a blanket from Sears. Fortunately sometimes you find nice people here. When I went to the store there was a colour guy, told me then he was from Trinidad, who helped me to find a warm but thin and affordable blanket for almost $48.
So you guys if you like this whether why the fuck don’t you fucking go to live in fucking Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan or any other nut house like that where people bump each other in the public places as it’s so crowded?!
Canadian economy is based on agriculture and dependent industries and if it’s warm like it’s now and there’s no rain what the fuck you morons are you goin’ to do? Begging Americans to send you food up here? You’ll prob. do that ‘cause you’ve been doin’ this for years. So may be that’s fucking why you don’t fucking care. But I suggest you, dickheads, to open your fucking eyes and see the fucking truth. See what you’re doin’ to yourselves. See that you’re turning this country, which used to be the best place in the world to live, to a big shit hole! And you’ll regret. But that would be late. The day you realize what you’ve done to yourselves is the day of point of no return. And that’s not only that. Global warming is not the only issue you’re facing now. You’ve spent $2 Billion on Afghanistan mission so far!!! Do you ever think? That’s just like when you say “… It was beautiful today” And do you know why? Because you only see today. You dickheads and scums are sending your troops to Afghanistan and get them killed over there to prove to Americans that you’re good servants of them! So they keep buying your beef, lumber and grain. You’re so desperate and cheep!

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