Thursday, March 15, 2007


Canada's population just reached over 31,000,000 according to Statistic Canada and based on last year's census. It's growing. But what makes the population bigger and bigger? That's not the original people, the European-rooted or the other ethnic groups who have been living here for years, for example East Indians and Chinese and it's not of course Aboriginals. It's the new immigrants or mostly refugees. Yes as I said before Canada is the biggest public toilet in the world. They have recently opened the door and let a huge number of Africans, Afghans, Kurds and Iraqis in, mostly murderers, thieves, runaways, former prisoners and war criminals.
Why the fuck this fucking stupid Government of Canada doesn't understand this simple fact? I have one answer for that:
They need people as part of their modern slavery program. If there's no fucking nigger or motherfucker stinky stupid piece of crap, Afghan or Kurd, Who's goin' to work all those nasty hard jobs in fucking factories and plants for $12 to $14 per hour? Canadians, I mean Caucasians barely do that, may be 1 out of 50 labourer is a Canadian with Western-European root.
But what these idiots don't understand is the disadvantages which are much bigger than advantages. Cities like Calgary and Toronto are not inhabitable anymore in my view. They are so crowded and dirty, slow traffic, gangs, drug and crime and multiculturalism which never worked and never will work. That why I'm planning to move out from Calgary soon. The best place to live is obviously where you have a well-paid, secure and challenging job. But the best thing to do is to be a self-employed. That's what A. J. does and that's what I have to do too or just stick to that National Defence job which keeps me busy, pays me well and keeps me away from big polluted, crowded and noisy cities.

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