Thursday, March 08, 2007

Capital Punishment

A mid-aged man called William Pickton has been on trial since I guess two months ago. Officials predict that the trial may take more than a year. Pickton first time was arrested in 2002 in Port Coquitlam, B. C. He used to run a pig farm in there and is accused of murdering more than 40 women, all drug addicted street prostitutes. It's also said that the court will cost probably millions of dollars definitely not as much as what has been spent so far for Air India trial.
A group of people oppose these kind of trials. These people from Edmonton which spoke out after a man murdered a teenager in that city and then was put in trial for that. They are demanding capital punishment back. The last time someone was executed in Canada was mid 60s and it actually was stopped in mid 70s. The opposition say spending too much money of tax payers is just useless and waste. The murderer must be punished in the harshest way, hanged, injected or sent to the fire squad.
Regardless of what is this all about I just don't understand why someone kill poor, addicted street prostitutes and slaughter them in a way that almost nothing but a few blood drops have left from them. Sick. Ha? Especially when Native ones are among them.
(Photo: Cameras are not allowed in court rooms for a reason that I'm not aware of but curious to know and there're not many photos of Pickton available in the public, the man who has been asked to pose as a model down in the States once as he claims. This sketch shows him in one of the trials)

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