Monday, March 05, 2007

Bad Feeling

It has been a long time that I wanted to have a massage and everywhere I went, I was rejected directly or indirectly. I went to that one in the 4th St. a few times but that one usu. closes early, sometime around 06:00 PM. Then I tried a new one which is close to my place. There was a fat (well … just a little big!) Caucasian woman who asked if I ever been to a massage studio and I told her that I had been a long time ago. I also said that I’m not feeling really well when she asked how I was. She didn’t like the answer, especially when I said I hated the day which was so windy and sunny. She said that people usually would not come to a massage when they don’t feel bad! I really don’t know what the fuck was wrong with that stupid fat ass bitch. Seemed like she just simply didn’t like me! We were following this stupid argument while I was sitting and my phone suddenly rang. I tried to hear who was calling but didn’t hear anything and hung up and continued. Then the telephone rang again and I left her!
The other day I went to that Filipino woman in 14th St., but she was not available and then tried the one in 10th Ave., and the door was locked while the Open sign was on.
So I tried the last one again tonight and I don’t fucking know why I did that as I don’t feel good about that now! I’m feeling well physically, the massage was really good but I don’t feel good emotionally. I feel stupid! Anyways that’s what happened tonight:
I went to the one in 10th Ave. and the same Oriental woman was there. She took me in and motherfucker charged me $40 this time and said the same bullshit she did last time: You’re handsome, you’re sexy, you’re this and you’re that, with the same stupid accent! Obviously she had forgotten me! What do you expect from a whore? She meets too many people in a day! Then she gave me a very good and relaxing massage on the back. That was really good. The only problem with her is she talks a lot and bullshits continuously. Then she asked me to turn over and asked if I want her to make that cum!? We talked for a bit and then we agreed on a $60. I didn’t want to pay that much but I was already hard and … I don’t know why I did that. I regret it now. I asked her to take her cloths off but she said that she would charge me $120 for that. I finally made her agreed to take her panties off. She stood on the bed and I took it off for her. What a smooth skin, petite and nice body! I kissed her butt a little and then asked her to pee for me. She agreed but the stupid bitch was going to pee for me on the bed. The whole bed would have been wet and she would have sprayed all around the room(!) had she peed. I asked her to do that for me in the tub. So we moved there and I started rubbing her pussy and thigh and body, and looking for her pee-hole. She was not as horny as last time. I fingered her pussy last time and let it go back and forth but this time she was a bit careful. She finally peed a little on my dick and at the same time grabbed it and started jerking it while she was saying fuck you! Obviously she got a little horny at the time. I tried to reach her pussy and hand with my dick so she jerked it a little better and that made it a little hard but I finally came and she went on until we gave each other a hug! That was good but I wish I could have fucked her and then laid down on the bed for a few minutes. She turned the tab on, let the water running and washed my dick! I then got out of the tub and started dressing while she was washing her pussy in the tub!
I really didn’t feel good after I left especially when I saw a potbellied old Caucasian man at the door! How long am I going to live like this? That man probably has an old wife or may be he’s single and no one looks at him. But how about me? I’m still young and strong. I have to find someone for me real soon and stop this stupid fake sex life!

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