Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Getting ready to move

I sold both my computer set and car through and got a little easier for my move to BC. A man and his two sons came for the car which was priced $400. They told me that they would drive to Saskatchewan! I don't dare drive that around the city but I don't know may be they were lying. That usu. doesn't happen with Caucasian people. They finaly agreed on $300 and I didn't argue because I just wanted to get rid of the car, its $80 monthly insurance and almost $100 gas bill. Then I received a callfrom a woman for the PC, its big IKEA desk and the old but strong and good chair left from Resurrect time. She came over with her brother. Obviously there were a few things wrong with the PC and I mentioned them. They, the motherfucker, stupid, piece of craps, the Arabs said they would call me in the evening after I fix the problem and they never did. So once again Arabs prove that they are the worst creatures (I don't consider them as humans) in the whole universe. I finally sold the whole set to a Caucasian guy, Dave, who came on his dad's van. I helped him to pack and load them to the van. He paid me $240 while I was asking $275. But the PC has so many problems. It is infected, it's old and slow and not good for Windows Vista that he would like tp instal. I think that's imposible to do especially because there's not enough memory available, only 512 MB. Besides the CD player is broken and you have to push it in and eject it out clicking on its icon in My Computer. So he'll have so much to do to fix it. I have packed most of the stuff. The only things left are a few chicken stuff, my TV and bed. I'm not taking the bed but will do the TV if I can't sell that at least $50.

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