Monday, March 12, 2007

Lobster Dinner

Just the night before I fly to B. C., I met with Hodani and that was the time he showed his interest in making a lobster dinner finally. We had talked about that several times but never happened. So we drove all the way to a Superstore and bought two giant lobster which cost almost $50. We boiled them live in a large container, I'd say, and took about 20 min. to get ready. But when Hodani started to take the meat out and throw out the shelf and everything, we didn't see much meat in them! Actually most of the meat is in the tail and that's why tail is sometimes sold separately, frozen. The meat is more delicious than crab's and that's probably why it's more expensive but comparing a crab and a lobster which have almost the same weight and size, you get more meat from a crab. Lobster is suggested for people who don't like the sweetness in crab meat.
Anyhow that was another experience and I liked that. But whether or not I buy a lobster again? That depends on whom I'm with. Because I didn't pay for them. Hodani did. And it's always good to have a luxury food when someone else pays!
(Photo: Hodani's holding one of the two giant lobsters which are getting ready for our dinner)

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