Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dicks and Balls more than Pussies and Tits!

One disgusting and very unpleasant thing that I’ve faced here since I started goin’ to gym almost every day, is what you see in the locker rooms. Most of the people get totally naked when they change in the locker rooms and you see men’s asses and dicks hanging in front of them! Mostly every one takes a quick look (or may be longer if he’s gay!) at others dick and compares the shape and size with his! I mean this is what most of the time you can't avoid. It’s inevitable! Caucasian’s and Black's are most of the time bigger than people from the other races. Also Caucasian's are most of the time not circumcised.  I believe that a not circumcised penis is more attractive and sexier for women but medical science says there’s a more likelihood that a man who’s not circumcised gets genital-related disease, let’s say for example AIDS. But I’m sure that women like to suck non-circumcised cocks because it emerges and pops out after they play with it and gets hard.
Anyways I, most of the time, try not to look at them, especially if a Black guy is around but sometimes can’t help it!
In the meantime you see the most beautiful bodies of girls when you are at the gym, mostly Caucasian women and some Orientals, Blacks or any other races but you don’t see them half-naked unless in the pool. When I was in BC last weekend, we went to a pool with A. J., his son and a friend of his. There were a few girls and women around and I, like someone who has never seen women in bathing suit was gazing at them! Stupid? Ha? Well … most of the men do and I was a little stimulated! But what could I do? Nothing!
Then A. J. the day after took me to a former partner’s store, a Chinese woman called Rose. He had told me that she has a friend who’s looking for a friend in here but she doesn’t speak English! We were going to see he later but Rose told A. J. that that woman is accidentally dropped by, so we headed there. She is a very pretty and petite Chinese woman in her mid 30’s and God! she is amiable and delicious. I would totally eat her raw! But we’re goin’ to hear from Rose if she’s willing or not later, if I go back to BC.

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