Sunday, March 18, 2007

Difficult Move

I'm writing this from my cousin's place in Coquitlam using their wireless Internet. I finally flew to B. C. this afternoon. That was my first flight in Canada which faced almost half an hour delay. Hojam came to my place shortly in the afternoon, we changed the main entrance's lock and I showed him everything and gave him the keys. Then he drove me to the airport. I noticed that he was feeling a little different. He asked me to give Resurrect a call in Kelowna and say that regardless the fact that we don't love each other, we should take care of our friends and support them because we're all actually lonely here.
Then in the airport when I was sitting I though there was something wrong with the wings because only after a vehicle came and sprayed hot water on both wings, the plane took off.
When I got to Vancouver Airport an aboriginal girl helped me to get to SkyTrain station. I was going to give her my number but didn't find any chance. Then when I got on a bus for the second time after I got off the Train, Hodani called. He was drunk as usual and I had to lie to him because he won't remember what I said to him today. But felt really bad. We spent so much time together and ate together and talked for hours and most of the time he paid for me but I didn't even give him a call to say goodbye. I knew he was working but that's just an excuse. I and Hojam talked a little about him and the way he lives which is only drinking, sleeping with poor street prostitutes and working a hard labour job. But what can we do? I don't think talking to him ever helps. After all that's the way he likes to live. He's already passed his 50s and there are not much opportunities for someone like him anymore. Even I'm not very fortunate at this age. So what can we do for him? We have to take care of ourselves and if he doesn't want a change in his life then what's the point? He sacrifices his life for his idea. He doesn't even remember when was the time he left Iran but that perhaps was some year around 1990, according to what he still recalls.
Seems like this post is goin' to be just about Hodani from Bandar-e-Abbas but I just can't forget him because he's so soft-hearted and nice guy and what has happened to him in life so far, has been pushing him toward alcohol and at this age and with that sex drive, while there's no chance of having a girlfriend or marriage, poor drug-addicted street prostitute are your last chance.

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