Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Second Fingerprint

I received a call from that old lady of CF when I was in Coquitlam regarding my fingerprint. She said all the information for the Security Clearance have been entered and they needed my fingerprint to send it with the form to Ottawa which, as I have been notified earlier, might take a little long, may be as long as 2 years. So I went there last Tue. and two young women in uniform came and took me and a very young fellow for fingerprint. It was like the time I did that for my citizenship but there was no cost of course. The young man, only 17, was going to join the army as a reservist and was joking around all the time with the girls and me. He even introduced him to me and shock hands. That's their culture they're most of the time happy and are laughing and take everything easy. They actually should. This is their country and they get whatever they want and they are treated very well everywhere and are welcomed. We aren't! I'm surprised that I've been through this process so far. But the big parts are left. Let's see what they do with my Security Clearance and if I pass.

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