Saturday, March 17, 2007

International Car and Truck Show

I and Ali G. went to the International Car and Truck show in Calgary yesterday. That was my first time. It was really good. You could see anything from super expensive cars like Bentely, Aston Martin and Lamborghini to ordinary cars like Ford, GM, Toyota and Nissan and companies like Hundai that we didn't even get close to it! They have nothing to say. I didn't see companies like Peugeot or Renault as well as other European car manufacturers. It means they are not looking for a market in North America or may be not as active as they should be.
Range Rover was there with a few luxary model but when I asked one of the representatives if they are being manufactured in the UK, his answer was a big Yes. I remember that I read online almost 2 years ago that the last British car manufacturer is being sold and Iran and China are the prospective ownerz. Iran later lost the opportunity.
What caught my eye the most was a new model of Hummer from GM of course called H3T. That was a very nice, 2-door small truck with a very unique design. But that was only a protoype. Nothing has been said about the price or the release date. Also a few new models of truck from Ford was really catchy, including a F-450!
The most expensive cars obviouly came from Bently and Lamborgini. How many people in Calgary can aford a $160,000 car? Jaguar was another luxary car maker that I wasn't expecting but it was there, introducing regular sedans around $50,000 and super expensive cars.
(Photo: H3T a concept from GM and one of my favorites. I decided to buy a Hummer or a Hybrid, prefrably a Prius when I'm ready to. This one has no price and plan for production but other Hummers are in the market and very expensive, starting form $40,000. So it is a Prius)

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