Thursday, March 08, 2007

Home Show

Ali G. and I went to a Home Show last Sun. afternoon. At the beginning I wondered why he's interested in such a show but as I was bored and didn't have anything to do, I accompanied him. There was a $12 admission for every one and I paid and i noticed that Ali G. wanted me to pay and he was right because the last two times we went out he almost paid $20 for me and I made that even. The reason he wanted to see the show is he's an ambitious guy as I noted before. He said that his dad's coming to Canada and they're planning to build a house. So he was gathering information but that was stupid. He doesn't even know the basics of construction! He, for example when was talking to a cabinet maker asked: In what stage of construction you would start your work?! And sometimes when the company men asked him about the specification of the house he simply said that there was no house and that's only in his mind! So I said to me: Dude! That's too much! grow up. Eventually that was not a bad experience and I regretted that I didn't take my camera. Then we went to a Vietnamese restaurant in 17th Ave., to eat. I had a take out back to 2002 or 2003 from that restaurant when I used to live in that neighborhood. The food was not so bad but it was cold and the lounge was hot and humid. It was dirty and the service was very bad. Ali G. had to ask for a glass of water 3 times! The total bill was around $17 for both of us but we didn't eat much. I didn't get full and Ali G. was not hungry at all. He just ate.

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