Thursday, March 01, 2007

You Can’t Turn a Donkey to a Horse

I had to let a stupid scum in as a lack of enough money and being in debt. Actually that's not so bad but I've been very conservative and coward lately! Hojam introduced a Kurdish-Iraqi guy to me, a guy who claims he's only 17. But what Hojam told me later is these motherfucker filkthy animals always claim that they are younger than their ages in their IDs so they are eligible to receive Government funds and aids.
Anyhow the first thing I did when he moved in was that I asked for half of the damage deposit so I paid my more than $500 debt to Citibank. But the guy is an animal. In the first week he spent here, he didn’t take a shower, not even once and used to stink like a fillty goat! Then I took him to the Zellers nearby and bought shampoo, shower curtain, detergent and other stuff but that didn’t make much change!
The point is all of the bad things I have done so far in my life to different people who honestly are not just a few, return to me now in a way. Of course it’s good paying off the debts but look at the dark side of having that animal in too. He started watching his stupid action and Indian movies so when he came in one day he didn’t find the DVD player where it was always. I had hidden it! He asked about that and I said that I sold it. He started taking whatever he needed and I started hiding them! I decided not telling him anything or complaining after the first time that I gave him shit because I believe I can’t turn a donkey to a horse. Once he came to me and asked if I had some sugar and that was after he took two eggs from me without asking and used my Skype phone a couple of times. I answered: You asked this fucking question a few times. I have no sugar for you. I’m not your grocery store! He didn’t say anything and left the kitchen but complained to Hojam then. I found out that through Hodani but Hojam didn’t say anything to me.
So I said to me: I fuck you in the ass you motherfucker stupid Iraqi animal. You don’t know your ass from your elbow and you act like you’re someone! Ha? Then every time I left the apartment, I turned the heat off and he started getting frozen! The early morning I flew to BC in the Sat. of Feb.24, I turned the heat off and when I came back at about 12:30 of Tue. Feb.27 the apartment was even colder than outside! It was fucking chilly! He was sitting on the small coach, watching TV while his blanket was wrapped around him! I went to my bedroom and God that was frizing! So I turned the heat on when he was not watching and went to bed with everything on!
Then he was really sick, had a very bad cold and flu the other day and missed one day from work! He was not even able to move! I said to me: That should be a good lesson for that piece of crap! I hopefully get rid of him and this shity old fucking apartment soon.

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