Thursday, August 02, 2007

Despaired Gal

I received an e-mail from a girl in Russia a few weeks ago, whom I called her here E. S. although it doesn’t matter what her name really is, indicating that she had found me in! I don’t remember anything about that website, regardless of the fact that I used to do that kind of remote relationship game and I might have registered in it. The girl who lives in Tomsk wrote me her story and sent me a dozens of photos. The story made me really upset: A young pretty lonely girl in the wild society of Russia where girls sell their body for a couple of dollars just to be able to feed themselves with the minimum achievable food. Her situation doesn’t seem so bad but I’m just guessing based on the photos she has sent me so far: A small furnished apartment, a job that can keep you alive and probably a guy off and on to get you off. I obviously answered every e-mail kindly until the last two ones which I received them together the day before. She used to e-mail me from an Internet cafe as having a PC is considered something extravagant in that country, I guess.
The last e-mail came together with a half-naked photo of her! I was surprised! You see the photo up here. She hoped that I liked her photo and apologized for her small-sized tits and mentioned that she would increase the size if I want them so! She also asked me not to ask for more naked photos! The other e-mail was a request for money, some $190 which is the visa cost! She asked me to send it through Western Union. I don’t know how someone like her would get a tourist visa and how she will pay for the ticket and that’s what I asked in the reply mail, adding that I was not able to send her any money at that moment. And today I have no mail from her! She, at the beginning mentioned that she had been to Canada once and that was through a working visa. The place she mentioned in her e-mail was a kind of small town in Quebec, probably in an small isolated island! I can't recall! She said that she worked for McDonald’s there. I guess $200 is not too much for having a young Russian girl whom can be licked and kissed every night and does everything you ask for. But what will happen after the visa is expired? Will she go back? And is this possible for her to get a visa in the first place? I don’t know. I might try her again. Just curious!
(Photo: E. S. sent me this photo indicating that she doesn't want to be recognized in case her photo ends up in the Internet. She'd foreseen this post!)


Anonymous said...

I find it a betrayal of trust that you have decided to post her photo on your blog. Marjan Alemi's blog has brought me to your blog a couple of times and I simply have sensed a problem in your attitude towards women. You seem to look at them as mere sex objects and as a woman, I find that distasteful -- to say the least. But then again, you're one of many guys you share that attitude towards women and the only reason that I'm writing this is that when you are writing about something other than the opposite sex, you sound like a relatively reasonable person. Take care.

The Tough Guy said...

Thanks for the comment. I think you're right in a way. But I only posted the photo because her face is not shown. Furthermore I suggest you to follow the story up to the end. It seems a scam.Please read the rest and judge with a little more thought.