Monday, August 27, 2007


E. S., has continued writing me after I told her that I was not able to send her money. She stated that she would not give up! After a few e-mails she said that she was goin’ to Moscow for the interview and then e-mailed me from there, supposedly, if the whole story is true and she’s not making it up, that she had gotten the visa but is about $220 short for the ticket!
She has written that she would get a ticket for Sep.08 and needed my help. I can’t believe the whole story. It could be a scam. “Where do you stay these days? “ I asked her in the last e-mail I sent her. Then I decided to do something: I asked her to send me the name and address of the travel agency that sells the ticket so I can pay the rest through Western Union! I also suggested her: Send me the account number of the guys and I transfer the money through my bank! I guess I will receive her answer tomorrow morning.
In the meanwhile Mom told me that F. F. had read my e-mail. She was told by Aunt I. that the girl is really upset these days. She’s a totally different person now. But she did that to herself. Aunt I. told me that she had been told by her that I demand a quick reply to my e-mails but sometime I had to wait a week for an answer and that drove me nuts. I thought I finally found someone whom could be a mate for my entire life but I was wrong and I’m happy that this happens before she comes to this side of the globe. I rather am alone than get kicked out of the house in a few months or years after marriage.

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