Sunday, August 12, 2007

Horrible Ride to Evans Lake after a Gout Attack!

I’m having a very bad pain in my left toe joint. It started almost a week ago and I have to take a capsule every night before I go to bed or I won't be able to sleep. Last night I didn’t take any and I had a light supper, hopping that I’d be fine but I had nightmares and woke up as the pain was souring. I took another capsule and the number dropped down to one. Then I felt dizzy. This damn gout attack has never been so awful since I was diagnosed in ’03. Looks like nothing works on it. I don’t eat rich food like liver, steak, brain, bacon and egg that much while at the same time I don’t do my regular exercises. This fucking damn job for A. J. takes most of my time. So because today was the second time I had that dizziness feeling, like I had two or more can of beer, I decided to see a physician. Luckily the clinic was open and no one was there and I could see the doctor quickly. But it cost me $75 because I’m not covered.
Anyhow the doctor wrote me the same prescription and also sent me to the lab. I first went to Wal-Mart pharmacy and got the capsules. There was a very nice and cute Canadian girl there who spent half an hour to explain everything and said that she would be there Mon. to in case I needed anything. I wanted to give her a hug and kiss her eyes and forehead but obviously was not possible. Then went the hospital for the uric-acid test but was told that the lad was closed and Tue. Is the next day that I could be there.
I went back home and got ready for a ride after 2 weeks. I took Paradise Valley Road, the same one that I had taken as my first ride in Squamish and had written about that but shortly after North Vancouver Outdoor School, I took a gravel road to Evans Lake and oh my that was the worst road that I’ve ever taken in my life so far: Slope up with a 60⁰ degree angle, holes and bumps! There was not even one single bike in the road and only 4 x 4s and SUVs are able to climb the road. The gout attacked me again after a few miles and I had to walk the bike while sweating like a whore in confession! Then I had to stop and lay down for about half an hour and let my heart go back to its normal rate. I was so angry at me. I guess stress is the main cause of the damn gout illness because out of all the possible cause that the cute girl in Wal-Mart pharmacy explained to me, only this one matches.
Anyhow I started my journey after a few min. and had to climb down off and on and walk the bike. The passengers in the passing car mostly looked at me with a strange and respect mixture of look! I don’t know how far I was from the damn lake when I broke my chain! Damn! I turned back and went all the way down to the main road. I hitchhiked and a very nice guy took me to Government Road where the town house complex is located and fixed my chain for no cost. I thanked him and went back home. So here I had so many failed bike trips so far but I promise that I’ll go to the damn lake another time, all the way.
(Photo: This detailed map shows the way to Evans Lake regardless the fact that nothing is mentioned about the elevation and the difficulty of the road, possibly because that's not a road for bicycles. I'll print it and take it with me next time I'm goin' there)

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