Friday, August 24, 2007

Racism (3)

I went to the damn job site today a little late and a guy who’s doing part of electrical work and used to be A. J.’s tenant in his basement and I call him Jeff here, was working. He’s a nice guy but an ass at the same time! As soon as I entered the second level, I noticed graffiti on the floor of one of the bedrooms! You see that in the photo above. Jeff had not been realized what had happened. I wanted to call the cops but he suggested me to give A. J. a call and consult him first. I said that we shouldn’t have ruined his mind. He has enough to think of these days. But he called A. J. and narrated the story.
A. J. called shortly after that and asked me to call the cops. The same officer who had been told about the problem with the plate showed up in a few minutes, asked a question, took photos from the scene and left! That’s all. She said that she would investigate later but I didn’t see anything all the afternoon in there. The officer said that the kid should have done that. I didn’t find it funny. I think A. J. creates all these trouble himself. He doesn’t use local guys and cheap filthy fucking Punjabi guys are all his trades. A guy and his partner came for wallboard yesterday morning and said that would be there in the afternoon for measurement. We were working and he showed up and ask for the company’s fax number. I gave it to him and before he leaves A. J. asked about the square footage of the price. He said it and A. J. said: “ Don’t bother to measure “ He said: “ Good Luck “ while he was leaving. I felt really bad for the guy because these people are work hard and I don’t know what would happen to them when all the construction is down in this little town or the province and A. J. doesn’t understand his position and he suffers. He had a kind of fight with the district inspector and he made us wait for almost a month and a half and pay hundreds of dollars more. He didn’t learn a lesson and he never will.
(Photo: One of the three graffiti written by probably the young people who are upset over what has been done so far by A. J. and the longest one. The poor asshole can't even realize that we are not originally from Pakistan, the shit hole that I hate the most. As a matter of fact doesn't make a difference for them!)

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