Friday, August 24, 2007


I have been in touch with F. F. for almost six month. She was introduced by my Aunt I., a kind of bossy girl who runs everything at home, is aggressive. Regardless of her beauty, which has only been seen in the photos that I’ve seen, she’s a nurse and a baby dressmaker and is taking courses to be a hair stylist. She got mad at me several times and I could easily find it in her mails. So tonight I sent her a mail and wished her the best and said goodbye!
Her dad is ill and her Mom is old and all her sisters and brothers are gone, so she thinks that she’s the king specially because she makes good money as a self-employed but I don’t want, obviously someone who wants to give orders every minute and then bring her old parents to the house and make a senior house!
Funny thing is she called a few minutes ago, shortly after I e-mailed her. I was writing this and the phone rang and that was her, angry as usual! God helped me that I crossed her out of my list, otherwise I’d have problems every day! She asked that why I did not notified her of lack of interest before! And I said that it have gotten accumulated. She was hoping mad, said goodbye and hung up. I don’t know what Mom’s and Aunt I.’s reaction will be but I know that both will be upset for sure. Mom will be upset because she wants to see her grandsons and me in a happy marriage and Aunt I. Probably because she think she’ll lose F. F. as the only friend she has in there.
Anyway that’s what happened and I really don’t know what to do. The phone part was the funniest! She probably has been planning for her future in Canada and dreaming! I don’t give a damn. I don’t want such a bitch.

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