Sunday, August 26, 2007

Doing the Right Thing

It looks like I never get along with a girl and I’ll die alone! Aunt I. called yesterday in the morning while I was working and she was yelling really loud! She said that I dishonoured her and asked me to e-mail F. F. and apologize for I had told her. I only said that there’s a cultural difference between us and that made her upset and cry. I bet that she cried for the opportunity she lost. She probably was dreaming about Canada and how she will enjoy her time in here. But I shit all over her stinky body. Motherfucker bitch always made me wait so long for a simple e-mail answer and brought an excuse for each and every stupid behaviour she had. I might have broken her heart but if that’s what happened I’m happy now because that’s a good lesson for a selfish stupid piece of crap. She told me once that she had a dream about me but was not a dream.
After all I listened to Aunt I. and e-mailed her, explained and apologized just to make my aunt feel better because I don’t fucking care about a stupid bitch who really thinks she’s so special. I e-mailed her because Aunt I. asked me to do.
I thing I did the right thing but at the same time I don’t feel good at the moment. I feel much lonelier but I have to sacrifice. May be I find someone finally one day.
(Photo: I tried Sympsonize F. F. through the website using one of the photos she sent me and that's the result. May not look much like her but that's not very unlikely either except she has a fair complexion)

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