Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nice Trick

Leaders of the three North American countries are gathered in a small town in Quebec to discuss their interests. As the province has been always a source of disagreement and challenge, protesters started their rally right from the beginning. I really don’t know what is that they are opposing, but I guess privatization is one of them. But what happened today and CBC talked about that is there were three masked men among the protesters who were trying to cause violence and turn the peaceful protest to a combat.
This unusual act was caught by the eye of one of the union leaders who organizes the protest. He claims that the men could be either undercover cops or people from the Prime Minister office, trying to do their job. The short clip which is shown in CBC and now could be seen on YouTube shows one of the masked men talking to a cop! All the three men later got arrested by the police and escorted out hand-cuffed! One photos was also shown in TV indicates the identical boots that the cops and the said fake protesters have on! Harper was shown yesterday calling the protest sad. I call what they did a nice trick but don’t know if they wanted to be recognized or not, if they were police officers. May be they wanted to bring up an uncertainty in the small group of protesters and disorganize them, which is smart. May be that was totally different from what they and I think.
(Photo: The protest organizer [bald!] talks to the masked men who are believed undercover cops)


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