Saturday, August 11, 2007


I was driving to the job site today, shortly after noon and just less than a min. after I turned left to Highway 99 from Industrial Way, I heard a siren! I looked at my rear view mirror and damn, there was a ghost! He probably had turned his lights on but I didn’t notice. I, immediately signalled, pulled over, parked, turned the ignition off and waited. A male officer came out and asked for my driver’s and registration. I asked what had happened and he said that I turned left at yellow while I had enough time to stop! That’s exactly the reason I failed my first attempt to get my Class 4 driver’s licence in Calgary! The examiner said that I should have passed at yellow and shouldn’t have blocked the driveway! I told this to the officer but he didn’t accept and left with my documents! I had seen him before in the town. He’s a very young guy. There are too many cops in this little town and I don’t remember a day without seeing one.
He came back shortly after with my driver’s and registration and only gave me a warning! But said that there would be a ticket for more than $100 (don`t remember how much exactly) next time. I thanked him and left. It`s actually one good thing here in B. C. You never get a warning in Alberta. You get caught, you get a ticket! I should be more careful!

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