Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Religion is Poision

It has been just revealed that Mother Teresa, a long-term Christian human activist who helped the poorest of poor in India had doubts about her faith in the last 50 years of her life! Her letters to her superiors and confessors are gathered in a book and publish although she had asked not to do so. She once declared that Jesus directly talked to her!! That was the time that the shadows of doubt had been removed for a while She says in her letters. And then shortly after the ambiguity about the existence of God came back and remained until her death.
I was a little surprised but not because of what she has said. I was astonished that the confessions are released in a book and question the whole faith, the big stupid lie which is being followed by millions and used as a drug. I probably shouldn’t have been because everything is being said in this society. Even CIA releases his classified documents of past years off and on. I was reading something about Francis Gary Powers in Wikipedia the other day and the article directed me to CIA website where you could see hundreds of documents of the former USAF pilot.
So revealing Mother Teresa’s confessions or child molestations of bishops and ministers of Catholic Church is expectable. What is not expectable and acceptable is, people getting addicted to a shit called religion and horse shits like God, Lord and all the other stupid craps in the other religions like Islam, Jewry and of course Christianity. I hope the book and this news help people open their eyes and minds and push all this crap back in all the corners of the world, although I know it’s a big wish which will never happen! Like John Lennon’s Imagine.
After all what she did is grateful. She’ll be always in heart of the people. But she didn’t do that because she was a Christian. She did that because she was a human and caring person.
(Photo: Portrait of Mother Teresa, oil on canvas, called talking to God, the illusory creative that she never believed in to the last seconds of her life. Cyrus my friend in Cologne said something very right once. He said: God did not create us, we created God! That's so true)

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