Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shit Happens!

It seems that problems keep coming sometimes and you are not able to block them. I just skipped a big problem and I tell a short version here because I want to say another ones.
Hojam, my friend who drove me to Calgary International Airport when I was leaving Alberta and also who took over me at my apartment, told me that the owner of the apartment came to look around and a written warning indicating that a renovation would take place and that makes the rent jump from $695 to almost $1200 or more was received then. He also said that the designing crew came almost every day and do the measurements and stuff! God helped me! (Well ... I’m atheist!) I had left the damn place, otherwise I wouldn't Have known what the shit to do!
A. J. is in so much trouble now. He has too many things to do and has no plan and in the meantime side problems, I’d call, keep coming to him. Yesterday when I just came back from a little purchase using his car (He drives a silver Nissan Maxima) I noticed something in his rear number plate . It only had one screw and it was about to come off and the number looked a bit different from what I remembered from his plate. So I went to the front of the car and made sure that there are two different plates on it! Then I went to him and asked: Do you know your car’s number? He said that he didn’t. I took him to the car then and showed him the difference. He was obviously in a shock. I then called 411 and asked for the local RCMP number. They put me through and I explained what had happened. Then I passed the phone to A. J. and he completed the over-the-phone questioner.
A lady officer showed up after almost half an hour. She seized the wrong plate and said that the right one is in Burnaby! They were trying to find out where the plate could have been replaced but didn’t find any answer!
Then he was here yesterday again, all by himself to solve the issue with his tenant. Everything went well but then at the end we tried to change the van’s starter relay, which I had already ordered two days ago and picked up in the morning. We started a little late and then a guy in the neighbourhood, whom I had seen once, joined us just to help and everything went wrong. We spent hours and at the end had to leave the van beside the street! He drove me home and we had something that we got on our way home.
Finally we went to the van in the morning tried to have it fixed but couldn’t and at the end it got towed to the only town’s Ford dealership. They told us that it probably takes until Thu. to have it fixed, obviously after diagnose has been done. A. J. was completely crazy and started to nag! He said that he should not have bought the van in the first place and all the bullshit. I’m not writing all the crazy behaviour of him because I’m used to it but at the end when I told him about the amount of time that I went to the Building Department, building supply stores, gas stations and dealers, he said that I should have rented a car for the few days! It’s really hard working with him but I hope that I survive for at least a year and a little more or maybe I get a job when I move to Lover Mainland or I simply leave in winter. I don’t know what the hell I’m doin’!

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